Spartan New generation of GPS watch from Suunto


Suunto launches the new high-end GPS multisport athletes and adventurers for watch with new features.

Suunto Spartan Ultra presents a multisport GPS watch high-end athletes and adventurers. In addition, Suunto Movescount is revamping with new features and enhancements.


“In a world where everything goes very fast and there is an overwhelming amount of information, athletes need better tools to assess its efficiency and meet your goals. All persons who wish to enhance want to be aware of their progress. We believe that these tools will help them meet and exceed their goals and expectations”

Ultra Spartan Suunto watches are made in Finland and are designed to last in any situation. Water resistant to 100 meters have a very durable touch screen color with a wide viewing angle and high visibility under sunlight. Suunto Spartan Ultra offers guided route, barometric altitude FusedAlti , a digital compass and navigation lasting battery.


The Suunto Spartan Ultra is a true multisport watch. With GPS, FusedSpeedTM, heart rate monitor and an integrated accelerometer accurately monitors training and offers versatile information on progress made in many sports. Preconfigured includes numerous sports programs such as triathlon, swimming, cycling, adventure racing or snow sports, as well as specific activities and training. For example, running the basic program can be selected with essential information for running, trail running program, etc.

In addition, the Suunto Spartan Ultra provides a visual summary of the activity, the state of recovery and progress achieved to better plan training. Also, the Suunto Spartan Ultra monitors the overall activity throughout the day, every day, with daily and weekly steps, calories and time active. Combined with Suunto Movescount App, allows for mobile notifications. Finally, the watch provides updated information on the best times achieved in each sports information.

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