Something you may forget about your Wrist Watch


Double check water resistant of your Watch
If you ready the information of your watch that water resistant 50 meters but it doesn’t mean you really can bring your watch under water 50 meters or wearing watch and swimming because they check the resistant when the watches just stay and didn’t move but for real when you moving under the water that makes more pressure than in the lab test, so if your watch water resistant 30 or 50 meters means your watch can go for the rain or when you wash hands but if you want to go swimming or diving you have to look for water resistant more than 50 meters.

Do not try to fix your watch by yourself
Because the movement and parts of the watch are quite complex repairs could pry sheep casing and movement of the wristwatch damage. Should send technicians to repair only.

Do not wearing watch and go play sports or heavy activity
Because movement of your watch have the chance to damage so you have to check if your watch has features shock resistant, but you still have the chance to get some scratch on your watch.

Do not wear a watch in place. The sudden change in temperature
It will affect the mechanism and the movement of the watch, put the wristwatch into a sauna then came a cold shower, put the wristwatch hot sun then it comes down to the pool something like that.

Leather Strap or Rubber Strap
Will not be with the spray or any skin cream, Chlorine in pool water because watch strap may deteriorate quickly fading into more brittle.

The leather strap should not touch the water even your watch is waterproof
Your leather strap will rot and deteriorate It makes a foul odor as well.

And the last is before buy your watch please check all the features and check how to maintain your watch properly

a credit of photo : NilsW-872808