New Breitling Emergency Night Mission Boutique Edition


We found Breitling start promote new Emergency line called Emergency Night Mission Boutique Edition what we found different from previous Empreviousmodel is this watch using rubber strap and the case should be the same is black titanium and carbon fiber for the dial, there are 2 color on their promote photo is yellow and orange so Breitling used different color for the strap,hands and indices.

Update New Photo of Breitling Emergency Night Mission Boutique Edition, Breitling just posted this watch today.


About Breitling Emergency watch line.
Breitling watches usually we can found they made watches for pilot and this Emergency line they promote for use in extreme conditions with feature built-in dual frequency Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) this watch can searching you anywhere in the world if you ware this watch also involved an intricate process of miniaturization to allow such a complex antenna system to be fitted within another feature is anti-glare stealth-type look designed for the riskiest operations and this watch can be electronic multifunctional titanium chronograph asserts itself as a safety and survival instrument for professional and adventurers as well.

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