How to taking care your Wrist Watch


Normally our watches also have some stain marks that we have to clean it as well.
Watch through the use of a sweat. Or dirt adhering to the case and strap.
This causes the watch you wear, corrosion or wears out faster than normal. Especially the joints between Components such as the hull of the watch and the back cover. Or between the joints of the watch strap. We offer a way to do it. Clean wristwatch easily without having to hire a technician to help do that. This can be done manually It is simple and economical, too.

Cleaning The Case of Wrist Watch

1.The case should be cleaned with a mild shampoo or water may use a toothbrush to scrub. The area is a niche Joints and then washed with water again.

2. Wipe with a soft dry cloth.

3. Use hot air dryer The temperature is not very high. Blow moisture again Especially The joints area. (If you put watch on your hand you may know when the temperature is too hot and you can stop it or turn temperature to not so hot)

Clean your Watch Strap
– Stainless Steel Bracelet
To extend the life and preserve the good looks of a stainless steel bracelet . I recommend the following:

Because the wristwatch put it next to the skin. If not cleaned regularly will make a collection of dust and sweat. Especially the joints or gaps at the bracelet. When the dust and lint
The strap Will dissolve in sweat and can cause abrasion and wrist irritation.

In some cases, skin irritation If sweating should be wiped off the clock and watch strap using a soft dry cloth should do. Clean strap occasionally by using a toothbrush or soap to wash with warm soapy water. With clean water after using soapy water. Watch and dry thoroughly. How to clean the The above should be done with caution if the watch is not waterproof.

– Leather Strap
Sweat it out If not wipe out the leather strap of the watch is made of natural oils in the skin disappear. Dry skin and cause damage Any moisture that may have wiped it off with a soft, dry cloth. Or tissues Then let the leather dry naturally. Sweat stain or dust can be wiped clean from the movie. Use a soft cloth moistened with mild soap or soap cleanser. The inside of the strap should be. Occasionally clean the surface with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol. The strap should be put on a little loose. (Space inserted one finger between the wrist strap) to allow air to vent. Which makes the moisture evaporate away.

– Rubber Strap
Should be washed frequently with a rubber strap is made. With mild soap and warm water using a soft brush to clean. Clean thoroughly, using the same method. After oil hit a saltwater solution. Sweat, body lotion and salt can cause rubber to deteriorate if not eliminated.

Always Checking regularly
I recommend that you check regularly every one to two years, bringing the clock to test the water pressure and checking battery one or two every year to maintain the watch.

Using waterproof watch
Although the watch is waterproof warranty. However, you should take steps to avoid damage caused by misuse. Do not Turn the crown or use the keypad on the water. While wet or watch comedy crown. The adhesive is completely locked If the clock dipped into the water. Remove dried up immediately. If the watch is exposed to salt water Rinse with warm water to clean To get rid of it completely If the clock due to wet cleaning or by accident. Do not be kept in closed spaces. Should be dried immediately Or bring it to a mechanic or technician watches, jewelry making. (If there should be zero. Because every time they are open to change tires scene. And will receive parts). In case of moisture in the house. To prevent damage from rust Parts such as the crown and gasket material. Water should be replaced every year or two to ensure the water.

Keeping watch
1.If you watch get wet you should clean and make it dry before keep.
2.The clock should not be placed near a magnetic source, such as the area behind the TV or telephone service for mobile. The watch may cause malfunction especially Analog Quartz watch.
3. Do not stored in places where there is high humidity or high temperatures.


Photo Credit : Hans