How to Select Watch for go to the Beach


When summer comes, Do you got plan to go to the beach? If Yes people who love watches like you have to choose a watch to go with you to the beach together. So now we have chosen for your idea. The most suitable for the beach. Which we hope would have been beneficial to you. And you will not forget that.

Water Resistant
Of course, if you go to the beach even if you do not go diving you should select watch for water resistant at least 100 meters, whether you are swimming on the beach or pool in the hotel. So you will not worry and no need to take out your watch because you can ware it and go to the water.

Comfortable when sweating no sticky.
You are at sunlight on the beach Of course, it will make you sweat. So if you choose rubber strap or resin strap watch should be good idea because more comfortable than leather strap or stainless steel, also for the scratches reason.

Visible at night
Of course, if you need to stay at the hotel. Would you like to see time at night, in the place where you are not familiar. The watches that glows in the dark It will help you find it easy Luminous are important. It also allows you to view the underwater.

Beach sand, rocks, bumps occur at any time. If you want to fully enjoy the trip your watch should shocks resistant and anti-scratches so you not have to worry about. And enjoy your vacation.

Watch for us to recommend it. Three Brands three style beautiful, durable, affordable and worth are following.
– Seiko Monster
– Casio G-Shock
– Luminox