Best Watches for Teenage

G-shock watches are gaining high popularity among teenagers. Colorful, beautiful and attractive not surprise me if the teen is not put together. But the beauty of it, It has good technology, good at calligraphy Casio G-shock watches put into every watches.

G-Shock models with special functions have four series.
Mudman : Is designed to pass through all the heat and cold that mess up any adventure activities like engineering across the entire engine oil. Dust or mud, etc.

Gulfman : Designed for aquatic activities. And primarily focuses on water It is manufactured with materials resistant to the corrosion of the waters well. And the information provided by the tide.

Riseman : Crossbreed between G-Shock and Protrek with a sensor to measure the temperature and pressure around added.

Frogman : It incorporates the best technology of G-Shock with the latest technological advances. Comes with features such as Tough Solar (Tough Solar) graph Moon Phase. The appearance of the moon The graph shows the height of the wave in the world.

Baby-G just like G-Shock but this for Girls Baby-G has gained popularity all the times. With a compact design, chic, colorful, suitable for girls of all styles. In addition to design lovely and beautiful.

BABY-G comes with a protective case. Digital screen, there are many colors to choose from. With street fashion as well. Resistant to vibration Dials with multiple layers Beautiful dimension

Dual Dial World Time (two dials showing the time around the world), some of the model is ideal for women who travel around the world. You can look at the current location and another location. and also at the main switch on the dashboard. This pattern increases as the minute hand a plane. Face design and a world map

Protects the back of the watch from shocks. Featuring graph level meter display tidal current. And tidal ahead by one hour.

Heart Design on the dial makes the watch looks pretty strong lol. For us, my sweet girl and hands of this watch. Fluorescent ink is coated with a special essence that will glow in the dark when the LED clock opens.

Semi-translucent materials can be used in a multi-level dial. Make the hour seemed to float. And a fluorescent black light.

Designed as a Roman numbers make it look more mature look. A large dial for easy viewing. The frame is made of steel Metallic paint. Both chic and elegant line girl and sweet girl.

Many people, especially girls watch enthusiasts a thin plastic light and feel comfortable swatch watch brand, one that is more interesting. And answer the plaintiff’s appearance liking girls but you know that I see this swatch is the parent company of the largest in the world. Watches chronograph, the swatch is a chronograph that is the thinnest in the world watches swatch brand is a brand that has become a global universal but actually his brand had been used as a stopwatch race. Olympic official ago The obvious competitive skiing and snowboarding.

From the outside, it is almost unbelievable that my right to have a degree, but this swatch watches. The exterior look is fashionable watches. A superficial look at It belongs to a group of a cute watch. Swatch watch collection than it has in more than we see the Concept of swatch watches that produced it will focus on the combination of art, fashion and sports. Watches are considered as high quality as one of the brands as well. Currently, there are those who collect or track swatch watches swatch watches a lot, most people begin to accumulate from buy just a single boat. But because of some pretty high quality to attract buyers to accumulate the collection of Swatch.

Some Swatch special edition come out which functions the user can enter a pass to Ski Resorts Worldwide This is a special edition version of the Swatch Snowpass and Swatch Beat.