Best 4 of Japanese watch brands

If we talk about Watch Brands that well-known world wild so we can think about Watch brands from Switzerland or Japan, of course. The watches from Switzerland are already known in the design looks elegant and for collection and value up but if we talk about the brand from Japan they also good for make watch more function and feature and for fashion so there are 3 top brands from Japan that we will show you today.

Only a few people will not know this brand, because Seiko is very old brand and got long stories so Seiko is started from the year 1881 so you can be assured that Seiko Watches give you consistent result and reliable, you also can found Seiko Watches on some of James Bond films, and now Seiko already partner of PADI so if you like diver watches you can choose from Seiko, Quartz or Automatic movement Seiko always make good timepiece.
This brand is the most bring you new technology and fashion on their watches, Casio is the first brand that put calculator to wrist watch and now they make some of the hi-tech watches like G-Shock and Pro Trek, and they always research new technology for the future for us like Solar power, and Casio never forgets about fashion you can choose so many colors that you like, so Casio is also good for teenage and fashion person.
Citizen CIT-CA0440-51E
Citizen CIT-CA0440-51E
This is another good watch brand good quality good technology, Citizen Watches made new technology for watches since 1995 called Eco-Dive that is technology can keep power from solar or any light and keep the power for 8 months that mean if your watches can get the light every day you will never change your watch battery.
2-Orient-Ray II
Manufacturer of luxury wristwatches from Japan, Orient has a choice in Quartz and Automatic Movement, they select only premium grade materials to be used for the watches. The result is a striking watches in terms of quality and beautiful design. I guarantee that if you have occupied this brand you will not be disappointed.
These are all brand wristwatch from Japan, we recommend screening for people who are looking for a new watch. try to look at it before you buy it. If you see that the watch is right for you.